Our Treatments

 * Please note that all timings include a 15 minute consultation prior to the treatment.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – (30 mins) £25.00

A soft tissue massage concentrating on the head, neck, shoulder and upper back. Ideal for relieving headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and other symptoms brought on by the stresses of a hectic daily life.

Full Body Massage(60 mins) £35.00

A soft tissue massage, perfect for relieving symptoms of stiff, tired joints and muscles. This massage will also aid digestion, encourage circulation, and promote relaxation and improved sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage – (60 mins Full Body) £45.00 – (30 mins Half Body) £35.00

The therapist uses a combination of techniques to give a deeper, more intensive massage. This is ideal for those with more severe muscle, joint and tissue pain.

Sports Therapy – (90 mins incl. Assessment) £55.00

Sports therapy & rehabiliation is concerned with musculoskeletal conditions arising from sporting activity.  It focuses on understanding and preventing sports injuries and dealing with the effects of physical and emotional trauma due to sports injuries: testing joints for ease and range of movement; strapping & taping, treading injuries: alleviating pain; mobilising injuries; giving various types of massage and rehabilitating injuries by using manipulative techniques.  Designing and monitoring rehabilitation programmes appropriate to the injury.

Thai Oil Massage – (60 mins) £40.00

A deeply therapeutic full body massage, where the therapist uses their elbows, forearms and rhythmic stretches to relive pain and promote relaxation.  Effective for musculoskeletal problems including back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain.

Hot Stone Therapy – (60 mins Full Body) £48.00 – (45 mins Half Body) £35.00

Hot stones are arranged on the body’s energy centres to promote relaxation in the muscles and tissue. Can help with the treatment of muscular aches and pains, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, and insomnia.

Lava Shell Massage - (60mins Full Body) £45.00 (30 mins BNS) £30.00

Promoting extreme relaxation, the Lava Shell Massage is performed without losing touch time, leading to a more effective and valuable treatment. The heating properties of the lava shells means the massage is more efficient in relieving muscle tension and soreness. As the lava shells do not absorb bacteria or oil they are very hygienic and eco-friendly. They are natural materials and there is no need for electricity to heat them. Excellent for relieving lethargy, depression, stomach cramps and for those who feel naturally cold all the time.

Bamboo Massage – (30 mins Half Body) £35 (60 mins Full Body) £48 

Warm bamboo tools are used to roll, knead and relax muscles, which helps to increase circulation, eases muscle aches and pains and gives a deep state of relaxation.

Indian Head Massage – (45 mins) £30.00

Releases built up stress in the tissues, muscles and joints of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders. Perfect for relieving tension, fatigue, headaches, sinusitis and migraines.

Aromatherapy -  (30 mins Back Only) £30.00 – (60 mins Full Body) £45.00

A gentle massage using essential oils. Depending on the individuals needs, oils are used to uplift, energise, or relax, and can help to treat a variety of physical and mental complaints including stress, fatigue, scar tissue, digestive problems and skin disorders. A personal oil blend will be provided for customers to take home.

Reflexology – (45 mins) £30.00

The therapist uses light pressure to massage points in the toes, feet and ankles, beginning by targeting and relieving stress levels.  Reflexology works to restore the body’s natural balance, addressing a variety of ailments, and providing deep relaxation for the mind, body and soul.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment – (45 mins) £30.00

Using safe and natural products to draw out impurities, Hopi Ear Candle treatment can produce a feeling of warmth, and a balance of pressure in the ear, forehead and sinuses. It is particularly beneficial in treating balance problems, excessive earwax, tinnitus, headaches and sinusitis. It also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, and aid relaxation.

Reiki (using the Usui tradition)- (60 mins) £35.00

Reiki is one of the most effective ways to help restore balance to the body, making it an excellent treatment to help remove the pain of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual complaints. As well as cleansing the body of toxins, Reiki can loosen blocked energy, restore vitality, and accelerate the body’s own natural healing mechanism whilst at the same time promoting a state of total relaxation and well-being.

Crystal Therapy (60mins) £35.00

Crystal Therapy is the ancient art of laying-on-of-stones. Gems, stones and crystals are laid on the body over the chakra points. Each chakra resonates to a particular colour, so by laying a stone of that colour over the chakra, the chakras open, align and blend with one another. When the chakra system is balanced, the physical body is able to innately self-correct and enhances the body’s own healing mechanism. A deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

Maternity Massage (60mins) £40.00

Massage during pregnancy has significant benefits for both mother-to-be and developing baby. As your body adjusts to prepare itself for labour, massage can help alleviate aches and pains and provides invaluable time for rest and relaxation. Alleviates tension and reduces stress, improves circulation which in turn increases the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to Mother and baby. Minimises back & sciatic nerve pain, relieves muscle aches & leg cramps, improves circulation and relieves water retention and boosts energy levels.

Pre-conception, Maternity and Post-Natal Reflexology (60mins) £30.00

Reflexology and pregnancy go very well together and has been used successfully for women wishing to conceive. Reflexology can help to balance hormones, regulate periods & ovulation, ease pregnancy related problems, work towards a natural labour and reduce labour time. After the birth Reflexology can assist in the return of tissues to a pre-pregnancy condition, support emotionally, rebalance hormones and enhance milk production. Reflexology is also an excellent treatment for post-natal depression. For pre-conception Reflexology we would advise on a treatment plan is discussed and put in place prior to fertility treatments commencing.

Medium: One-to-One Reading (30mins) £20.00

Tarot Card Reader One -to-One Reading (30mins ) £20.00

Working in love and light our gifted and experienced mediums are able to provide spiritual guidance in one-to-one readings